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OASE Fountain Pump 320

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Scott Aerator Solar Display Aerator DA-20
Scott Aerator Solar Display Aerator DA-20  
Solar Powered DA-20 Display Aerator makes beautiful fountains exceptionally eco-friendly.

The new Solar Powered DA-20 Display Aerator combines clean, eco-friendly aeration with the focal point of a fountain: a spectacular solution for remote spots where running electric power wouldn't be feasible or cost-effective.

The Solar Powered DA-20 sprays up to 300 gallons of water per minute in a cascading, trumpet-shaped, adjustable pattern measuring about 5 feet tall, and 9 to 20 feet wide. This healthy flow rate does a great job removing algae from the pond surface, maintaining clean and clear water, keeping pesky insects away, and adding a lot of oxygen to your pond. Adding oxygen not only does wonders for your fish, it's also key to rapidly breaking down decaying matter at the bottom of your pond. Finally, added oxygen means less muck over time.

The stainless steel, submersible motor is oil-free, making it exceptionally durable, maintenance-free, and the most environmentally friendly water aerator on the market. 

Made for daytime aeration, the unit powers up with the sun, operates at variable speeds, and shuts down after dark. Its solar PV array panels bring water flow gradually up to capacity in changing sunlight—all without the costly, high-maintenance batteries that many solar aerators demand.

  • 200-volt, ¾-hp, solar-powered motor.
  • 300 gallons-per-minute flow rate.
  • Default spray pattern measures 5 feet high, up to 20 feet wide.
  • Spray pattern adjusts in width, as narrow as 9 feet.
  • Each solar panel measures 40" x 66".
  • Two 30-pound weights or concrete blocks required for anchoring (not included).
  • 12-gauge, submersible electric cable provided is 70 feet long, longer if required.
  • No maintenance required.
  • 5-year motor warranty.
  • 32" minimum pond depth required.
  • Motor specs: 60 Hz, three-phase, 3.6 amps, 810 watts.

    Suggested Retail Price: $10,219.00

  • Price: $10,219.00  $9,159.39


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